UNISAL (Salvadorian Union) came to be after the earthquake that shook El Salvador the 13 of January 2001. With the help of the Vice-President of that time, new members came to join our organization with the purpose to help our Salvadorian and Latin-American Community.

UNISAL made its public presentation on March 10th/2001 and came to be official on July the 3rd/2001. Its purpose was to help the Salvadorian Community to process their TPS (Temporal Protection Status) from that moment on. As members of other organizations and committees have had a long trajectory helping through different projects all who reside in North Carolina, we all decided to unite and become members of UNISAL in the aim of serving and uniting the Community.

Some of the activities that have been achieved are:

  • Fund raising for state emergencies, like sickness, death and financial help to new residents.
  • Fund raising for the victims of El Salvador.
  • Promotion of cultural traditions.
  • Translating services in hospitals, governmental facilities, etc.
  • Assistance to the Salvadorian Community for their TPS (Temporary Protection Status).
  • Promotion of rapprochement events between Salvadoran authorities and their Communities in the State of North Carolina.

The path traveled for more than two decades fills us with pride and motivates us to broaden the horizon of opportunities for our beloved Community.

2019 * Visita a Washington D.C. para apoyar la Ley HR6. * UNISAL cambia de sede en Charlotte, NC. Siga el vínculo para ver los artículos en detalle: Artículos 2019[https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1vxuGupB41MvDVjIMLLiTdlcWdbE0bgbo?usp=sharing]2018 -------------------------------…